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    I cannot say the service was bad but it took more than I expected.

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    This company are a great shout for housework - I got a reliable cleaner who turns up on time and...

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Get Expert Carpet Cleaning in South East, South West & East of England

When you need carpet cleaning in South East, South West and East of England that gets the job done on all fabric types, you need Your Domestic Cleaners. Call in the experts in this part of the country any day of the week, at the weekend, or on a Bank Holiday and get the same superior service. Got stains and heavy wear and tear? Need to get a room spotless before a party or other social event? Call us today.

You'll be benefiting from high quality professional carpet cleaning delivered by trained specialists armed with both dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning equipment.

Six Reasons To Use Us For Carpet and Rug Cleaning

When you use us for expert carpet and rug cleaning, you get a lot more besides just high grade results... We've got years of experience in the industry, during which time we've added all of the following to our services:

  • 24-hour a day phone and online support for all services - call to book any time you have five minutes free!
  • An obligation and cost-free quote on the service you need when you get in touch, and the price confirmed on-site before we start
  • All staff are experts in fabric cleaning, and specially trained in the use of all the methods we use
  • Total insurance cover every time - your precious fabric stays protected!
  • All the equipment we use is state-of-the-art, no matter what technique we use on your rugs and carpets
  • Excellent supporting services for oven cleaning, and full one-off cleaning for your whole home. Book them together and see spectacular savings!

What Happens When Our Carpet Cleaners Arrive

You'll see our carpet cleaners arrive on time and smartly uniformed in their branded vehicles. We'll start with a careful assessment of your carpet, noting any stained or worn areas for pre-treatment before proper cleaning starts. This gives us the best chance at full and effective removal of stains, though our experts will always be upfront with you about the results you can expect us to achieve for you. Making sure that all of your furniture and other items have been removed from the area, we'll choose either the technique popularly known as steam carpet cleaning, or dry carpet cleaning for your fabrics.

  • Hot water extraction cleaning - or steam cleaning - is more suitable for artificial fibre carpets. Hot water and detergent penetrates deeply to attack stains.
  • Dry cleaning is better suited for naturally woven rugs and carpets. There's no drying time for this service, so you'll be free to use your carpet right away.

The drying time for our hot water extraction technique can be sped up by opening windows, and we'll use special rake-like devices to open up the pile to let air penetrate more easily. We also leave you with pairs of protective overshoes so you can walk across your carpets and rugs even before they're fully dry.

The Winning Combination For Professional Carpet Cleaning...

We hand pick the most experienced and effective professionals to join our carpet cleaning team. And then we add to that mix the latest hot water extraction cleaning equipment, and dry cleaning powders chosen for their cleansing abilities. This is a recipe for superb results, but unlike some other carpet cleaning companies, we're always upfront about the effect our team will accomplish. Feel free to ask for any advice you might need about the most effective methods to choose to remove certain stains, and get deep cleaning for your specific type of cleaning.

Contact us now on 0330 320 4508 to request a quote, or do so online via our chat facility or booking form. When you've gotten your quote it'll only take seconds to set up your appointment - we keep our phone lines and online support systems fully staffed 24 hours a day to make it easy for you.